Beefer - 800 Degree | The Original - Made in Germany
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Beefer: The New York Steakhouse Style
for your Home.



So sieht's aus: Der neue Beefer One Pro

The Perfect Combination of Sophisticated Technology and Blazing Heat

Sometimes what you need is 800 degrees! Grilling is all well and good – but ‘beefing’ is the crowning glory of barbequed meat. Preparing meat using the Beefer sets new benchmarks. While a conventional grill cooks meat over a longer period at 400 degrees Celsius, the Beefer caramelises the outer skin in seconds at 800 degrees Celsius – creating the future of grilled meat! Many customers tell us that they were first unable to imagine how huge the difference is to normal grills. Anyone who’s seen a Beefer in action will know what we’re talking about… If we hadn’t already invented the Beefer, we’d do it all over again.


Beefer. The Original.

Prepare high-quality meat with the respect it deserves

The Beefer is not just any old gas grill. The Beefer is the technological embodiment of meat indulgence and man’s new best friend: it finally also allows New York steakhouse quality at home. ‘Beefing’ is in a whole barbeque league of its own. ‘No other grill is as specially adapted as the Beefer.’ – The grillers of today will be the ‘beefers’ of tomorrow! You can bet on that!

Besser geht's nicht
Beefer: Perfection from the beginning

The sensation on the barbeque market

The new sensation on the barbeque market is playing with fire: the Beefer is the only grill approved for private use around the world that achieves temperatures of over 800 degrees Celsius. The result is an indescribable taste explosion. Hot cuisine at home! Last but not least: the functional and minimalistic lifestyle design made from stainless steel sets men’s hearts racing when they see and touch the Beefer.

Turn the heat up to eleven!

The extremely high temperatures produce a remarkably crisp crust. Any dripping juices from the meat are caught in a gastro drip tray and can also be combined with vegetables and seasoning to create incredible sauces. What’s more, each side of a steak is done in an unbelievable, record-breaking 45 seconds…

Recommended for excellent beef

A growing number of people are paying close attention to taste and outstanding quality in their food. The Beefer is able to satisfy these expectations. That’s because the Beefer enhances every meat and unlocks maximum flavour. Shrimps, lobsters, mussels and vegetables can also equally be grilled to gourmet quality with the Beefer. The rapidly expanding and adventurous Beefer fan community of star, TV and aspiring hobby chefs is developing special dishes for the novel high-temperature grill on almost a daily basis. Many recipes and suggestions are available in our Beefer book.

Innovation – 100% Made in Germany

The innovative inventors of the Beefer from the Rhineland region, Frank Hecker, Marc Kirwald and Frantz Konzen, are setting a barbeque revolution in motion with their new product – not only in Germany, but also now in Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands as well as Spain. Exports to further countries are also planned within this year. The Beefer is manufactured in our factory in Bad Honnef and in the Bonn Workshops – an organisation that promotes the participation of people with disabilities in the world of work.

Tim Mälzer beefs

Tim Mälzer

Stefan Marquard beefs

Stefan Marquard

Bjorn Freitag beefs

Björn Freitag: Portrais

Ali Güngörmüş beefs


„Beim Beefen sitzt der Griller am Tisch und isst mit.“

Schauspieler Marek Erhardt im Hamburger Abendblatt

„Eine knappe Minute Höllenfeuer von jeder Seite ist ideal.“


“Für Steakliebhaber ist diese Art der Zubereitung nicht weniger als eine Offenbarung”


“400 Grad sind einfach nicht genug für ein gutes Steak”

Beef Magazin

“Der Neandergrill!”

Business Punk

“Wer gute Steaks schätzt, wird dieses Gerät lieben!”

Griller Magazin

“Das perfekte Gerät für alle, die Sous-Vide lieben”

Beef Magazin

“Ein wahrlich archaisches Werkzeug”

Business Punk

“Die Steak-Maschine”

Griller Magazin

„Jetzt ist der Beefer da und stellt fast alles auf den Kopf“


„Einmal Beefen – immer Beefen!“

Ein glücklicher Kunde