The Hall of Flame

Prepare Steaks and more with 800°C

Steak Perfection.

Rock solid.

German handcrafted Quality.

Best Steak of your life.

Surpass your expectations with a Beefer

Hot Couture.

The Beefer will change everything you know about Grills...

Some call this Grill infernal, others swear by its divine results.
Call it what you want. We just call it the Beefer.

NY Steakhouse
Quality at home


You love beef and you love it the perfect way? Then the Beefer is your Grill. It enables you to produce famous “NY Steakhouse Style Steaks” at your home.

Make your home one of the best Restaurants in town!

Oh Lord: 800 Degrees Celsius


800 Degress Celsius (1472° F) is pretty hot and absolutely the perfect blazing heat for preparing perfect Steaks. A good Gas Grill will reach 300°C (572°F) maximum. A proper charcoal Grill 350°C (660°F) – simply not enough for Steak perfection. The Beefer will change everything you know about grilling!

Maximum Heat from Top


Due to the top position of the high performance ceramic burner no juice or fat drains into the flames. So no juice gets lost (you save it in a tray) and so you can use it for preparing awesome sauces – and by the way no undesirable substances can arise – a disadvantage with ordinary grills…

For Home and Restaurant


An increasing number of professionals worldwide swear by the Beefer’s divine results. A modern and creative way of cooking demands a ‘tool’ like the Beefer. Indulge your guests with perfect beef, sea fruits, desserts and so much more. The Beefer is totally different. Good News!

Simply much better than conventional BBQ.

The perfect Steak

Perfect with your Beefer.

Juicy Lamb Chops

Scallops gratiné


The Beefer: Perfect for fish, too