Invented for Beef Lovers.

 Frank Hecker 

 Marc Kirwald 

 Frantz Konzen 

New York Steakhouse
Quality at home?

It all began not too long ago in what is quite the legendary restaurant in Brooklyn: namely the Peter Luger Steakhouse. This is where Frank Hecker didn’t just eat any old steak, it was THE steak. A mundane meal it was not; it was an epiphany. Frank Hecker, being quite a smart chap, thought to himself that that could not be allowed to be a one-off experience. No way. He wanted to enjoy this divine moment as often as possible during his earthly existence. So, he resolved to find out the secret behind THE steak.

Let’s not go into all the analyses that followed and the investigative ‘grilling’ by Frank Hecker; you’re only interested in the answer to the question: ‘What makes the perfect steak?’ And, hold on tight, it’s: 800. Eight hundred degrees Celsius, to be precise. That’s the key to the unmistakable taste, the deliciously caramelised crust and just the right grill flavour.

Eight hundred degrees Celsius
is the answer to EVERYTHING.

That’s all very well and good for 800 degrees, it’s already achieved more than some of us. But what’d be even better, Frank Hecker thought, is if this were also available to as many people as possible. This is where his old primary school friend Marc Kirwald comes in: together they puzzled over a powerful grill that could reach 800 degrees in private households. That was no easy task. But it was helpful that Marc Kirwald was in the industry. He was actually the plant manager of precisely the company that – without revealing too much – now produces the burners for the Beefer.

Frank and Marc thus toiled long and hard over a prototype, their vision of the perfect grill. They took immense delight in the first successful test run with bacon and rump steak. But there was still one critical ingredient missing in the Beefer story: Frantz Konzen, another friend from school. Frantz ran a metalworking business and ultimately gave the Beefer the timeless design it has today.
Everything then began to take off. Frantz Konzen designed a number of preproduction models which everyone then tested, until the Beefer took on the design and properties of the current Beefer One.
Beefer Grillgeräte GmbH was set up in Königswinter and the most protracted hurdle thus far – the EU type examination – was taken successfully. Now we also have CE certification (the requirement for commercial sale). We could finally get started!


The first grills were sold through word of mouth alone – it goes without saying that all the Beefer pioneers were completely thrilled. Frank Hecker, who in real life has also worked as a TV director for various cooking shows, put his relationships to work and brought their invention to the attention of top chef and grill enthusiast Tim Mälzer. Tim then became one of the first and biggest Beefer fans of them all. Mälzer, what a great guy.
Subsequently, many more fortunately followed Tim’s example and the Beefer gradually established itself as a true benchmark grill for perfect home barbeques. So, we can all look forward to seeing how the Beefer story continues…

Invented for Beef Lovers.

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100 % « Made in Germany »

Beefer Grillgeraete GmbH is based in the “Seven Hills region” near Bonn. All the housing components as well as the burner are produced in the region. The Beefer is also assembled and inspected exclusively by hand here, in our factory in Bad Honnef and in the “Bonn Workshops”. This also forms part of our philosophy of ‘moving from quantity to quality’. The Beefer has changed the BBQ Scene a lot – this is what we intended: The Beefer: A perfect Tool for perfect food.