The Beefer rocks your Beef

Hold on, the best is yet to come.

The Beefer: First choice for gourmets.

The Beefer unlocks the maximum flavour from your beef. The higher the quality, the more intense the flavour experience. But also other kinds of meat, fish and seafood like shrimps, langoustines, lobsters and mussels can equally be grilled to gourmet quality like fine vegetables, fruit and exclusive desserts. The desired grill setting can be adjusted precisely thanks to the continuous height adjustment of the grill grate in the depending on food thickness and taste.

When it comes to food, conscious enjoyment and excellent quality are becoming highly important for an increasing number of people. This is particularly the case for meat products: a steak produced by factory farming or industrially processed food are no longer a palatable option for many. Beefer® is tailored to precisely these new expectations and specially designed for preparing excellent meat.

The Beefer rocksyour Beef.